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Just coming to say hello, I've been meaning to get involved in a forum like this for a while now, mainly looking for critique on my work.

An initial question, as a new person, am I likely to recieve less attention to any work I post up? Or should I stick around for a while first?


A good idea to offer critiques as well as posting your own stuff. Then people will return the favour. Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the forum, Sinnie!

I'm painfully new so I haven't really started critiquing anyone's stuff yet. I've read so much of it, but I'm not sure how much I should be critiquing yet. I've yet to dive on in.

Lost in Some Story

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First of all, welcome.

Second, I think you'll find that people who just come here and start posting stories don't get as much recognition. This is because you haven't really built a reputation yet and no one knows who you are.

My suggestion would be to come on for a couple of weeks, read the stories/poems and the comments that people leave behind. Learn the format issues and common mistakes that new posters tend to make. Then, leave some critiques or comments on some writers pieces that you respect. Sometimes, they'll return the favor. You give what you get here at the forums.

Write and post often and have fun.