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I'm Heinz and just thought I'd do the right thing and say 'G'day'.

I am 17 and about to finish High School/Secondary College and hopefully start a Journalism and History degree next year. I am an avid reader and books and magazines that could put some libraries to shame :lol:
I'm also a hobbist musician taking the form of playing guitar. Some will cringe but I am a 'shredder' but don't get me wrong I listen to lots and lots of different genres.

I'd love to work as a Journalist some day espicially for Melbourne Australia's premier paper The Age. History and general knowledge is where I excel and hopefully can apply this various subjects including political science, environmental writing, automotive, sport, comedy, music and global issues.
However Historian is also a good option if my Journalism career doesn't 'kick off'.

I will stop rambling on now and hope to partake in discussions here and use this resource.

Thank you.
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Hello to you, Heinz, and welcome to the forum. History is certainly an interesting subject, I also love it!