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Well, hello all. Been a long time since I've spent any real time writiing, only vague thoughts on ideas I'd like to express. Who doesn't have those thoughts at some stage though :)

I used to write quite a bit -- mainly poetry and short stories. I kind of fell out of it through an unsightly mixture of laziness, procrastination and college worries. I met some new friends who are avid writers though, and this has - thankfully - sparked my passion once again.

I will be starting off by going over my old writing to see where I went wrong and to give myself a point of reference to start from and hopefully grow.

So I'm looking forward to any of you who visit/critque on the poetry forum, for the next while anyway.

Bye for now and thank you for having me.

Ilasir Maroa

Senior Member
hey! It's me, the guy who critiqued you're peom in the poetry section. Welcome to the forum. Remember to do some critiques of other people's stuff too.

And have fun.