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Greetings! (1 Viewer)


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Welcome! :welcome:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to meander and poke bears with blunt sticks.

Oh, and have fun! :D


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Hello. I am Dom. I am 27 years old. My interests are sci-fi, philosophy and videogames. I am here for motivation.
Have a nice day.

are you considering
short form fiction
for publication
for creative expression?

intensity and motivation
tend to play well together.

context for your desired outcome
will inform feedback.



Hello, Dom, nice to meet you.
Does this mean you've got a busted motivator like an R5 unit?

I'm sure we've got motivation stored up around here somewhere. You're welcome to come help us search. This is what happens when you get it all together and then forget where you put it.

See you 'round the boards.


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I'm sure we've got motivation stored up around here somewhere.

Yes, usually stored between the pointy stick and the carrot cookies. :)

Welcome Dom! I love sci-fi and philosophy, not much for video games, but that searching for motivation thing is what a lot of us have in common.
I love all three of those! Nice to meet you Az! Have you written any books I might know of or working on one? And any recommendations for good space horror novels?