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Greetings Guys, Gals, and Non-binary Pals! (1 Viewer)


Hey all!
I'm Mackenzie aka Soda_Enby! I'm 19 years old, as my user suggests, I'm non-binary but I use any pronoun, and I'm an animation student in the UK.

I pretty much just write for myself, but I really want to improve and start publishing my writing. I'm more used to scripts, but I'd love to get more into books.
Personally, I prefer writing the post apocalyptic or fantasy genre and I have a giant soft spot for bildungsroman and queer themes in any bit of fiction. Guess I just like delving into self-discovery :D

I really look forward to improving my work with y'all's help :DDD



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Hello and welcome to WF, you say you would like to improve your writing? Well you have come to the right place. I love writing fiction and found the prose boards very helpful when improving my own writing skills, the writing challenges also help me improve massively.

My advice to new memebers is to have a look around and dive right in commenting and getting ro know the members through their writing.


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Ha, we're on parallel, opposing tracks. I'm shifting from novel writing to scriptwriting. Glad to have you aboard.