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Story Unlikely

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Is this where I yack endlessly about myself? Great. I'm 35 year old electrician from Iowa who started writing back when I was teen. I've been a part of a number of writing forums over the years, but as life gets busier - marriage, kids, starting a business, building mountain bike trails (you know, the normal stuff) - I've drifted in and out, but I've always been writing. I've been published in a number of places over the years (nothing major), and have more recently embarked upon another totally normal endeavor ). So yes, I'm very normal, totally run-of-the-mill guy, nothing weird to see here. Anyway, this seems like a pretty solid place, and I plan on lurking every chance I get ;)



Absolutely we have things in common. For instance, I also like to lurk and sometimes I'm pretty good at it. Quite honestly, though, I occasionally forget that I'm lurking and just nap instead. So, yeah, I have some work to do on that.