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I'm 70, been there and done a lot a that. This starting new adventures is kinda fun. I’m into writing now, I've completed nearly 70 thousand words on an Alaskan, kinda science fictiony yarn, got another 30K ta go. If I don’t peddle it, well--- I have bird and cage, so it won’t go to waste. Will probably have a bunch a questions later on since I’m a newbie, so bare with me when you come across one of my threads. I guess the point is, is to enjoy yourself. Yah, I can do that….


Thanks much. Where da ya get the neat graphics - I told ya I was a newbie..


So how do you tag them onto your threads?

If you look at the top right of the page then you'll see a link that says "edit signature", click the link and then put what you want to insert in the signature box.


Thanks very much, I'll do it. UK huh, I was there in the early 60's. Enjoyed myself too.

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