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Greetings From Canada!! (1 Viewer)



Hello. My name is Richard Wagamese and I live in the mountains outside of Kamloops British Columbia. Beyond the deck is Paul Lake and behind it a mountain that is covered with fresh snow now. Winter descended for real a few days ago and it is a crisp, white world, beautiful and stunning in its ability to re-define the familiar.

I am a writer. I have published three novels and a memoir with Doubleday Canada (Random House) and I have a new novel and a new memoir/anthology due in august and September 2008.

Been a journalist in print, radio and telvision for a long time. 1979, actually and now just write on a freelance basis for the three media.

Here to meet people, talk about the process of writing, read some stuff, share some stuff and generally expand myworld some.



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Hi there, Paul! Let me be the first to welcome you to Writing Forums, and I do hope that you'll like it here. I have been to BC once, to Fernie for a ski holiday. Is that far from where you are living? I also went a couple of times to Banff, but that's Alberta.