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Greetings from Brussels (1 Viewer)



Hello !

My name is Anne, I'm 34 and I live in Brussels.

I write short stories since ever, I even won a few contests already, and recently, as I want to make a gift to an American friend, I decided to begin to write in English (my mother tongue is French).

Well, it was much harder than I thought, even if I'm fluent in English, writing stories in that language is quite difficult for me. So, I cheated... I first wrote in French... then I translated...

The informations I found on this forum are certainly interesting for you, but they are priceless for foreigners like me. I've already learnt a lot just by reading your posts. Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately, there is nobody around me who could correct my style, grammar or anything, my friends and relatives are all French and/or Dutch speaking. That's why I looked for a place where I could make a try by giving someone what I wrote, and get some advise or corrections.

That's all and I warmly thank the ones who will leave some comments.
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Hello Anne, and welcome to the forum! Just like you, I'm Belgian, but my mother tongue is Flemish. To be honest, I never speak French! I do understand it (my grandfather was from Wallony) and can write it, but here you never need to speak French. I have been writing in English for ages now, and consider it as my second language.



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Congratulations, finding the best place for writing is the hard part, publishing it is the toughest.

Welcome to the forums!

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welcome to the forum, anne!... glad to see you here... in case you see this before my email, i will get back to you on that piece you sent, later in the day...

love and hugs, maia


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Welcome to the forums. :) I hope you can find someone to help you with your style, grammar, etc. I'm just learning French in high school, but my French teacher can barely teach...