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Greetings everyone. (1 Viewer)


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Hi, i'm the new kid in school. :cheers:

I'm writing a fantasy novel and will be posting excerpts or in some cases entire chapters of my work in the writing section here.

Essentially, the reason i'm here is because I cant get the story i'm writing out of my head. I know that there will be no option to get peace from it until the day comes that I've published it. Therefore, I've set some very realistic, yet challenging, goals for myself to get to that point. To help me along the way, I'm enlisting people's opinions and hoping to even win over some fans who will care about my protagonist Malach and those he meets, as much as I do.

Basically, I'm taking this project from it's conception and hoping that you will help nourish it to existence. I welcome all feedback, as long as it is constructive, then it is good.

Anyway, take care everyone and thank you for your time. If you made it this far through this post, then I commend you and offer you the first line of my book as a small compensation for your time.

"The boy stared down at the blood on his hands; the blood that meant he had finally become a man." ;)


Welcome to the forum. Give critiques and you'll get them.
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