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Greetings earthlings (1 Viewer)



Glad to find this area.

I was once a member of Compuserve writers forum. So now you know how old I am. . .and my nickname there was moOosie. . . Hello? We had floating pitchers of margaritas in a pool and stud muffins and ladies in fishnet stockings bearing whips. Remember those good old days?

But, I've never actually published anything unless you count a review of a software program. I don't count it for myself. I did once write a complete story with a beginning, middle and end. I posted it and it was favorably critiqued. However, Compuserve was taken over by AOhell, and I lost my manuscript from carelessness and depression; a lethal combination, no?

Is there a round robin or writer's workshop in this forum? It was exhilerating (where's a spell chucker when you really need one?) to test the waters with established writers who didn't mind playing with neophytes.

<raising glass in toast> greetings to you all...



thank you, Shinn. May I ask you why the calendar is stuck in 2006? The forum seems to be active but the calendar belies that