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Greetings Dear Reader (1 Viewer)

My name is Ehab Shawky. I am an author and self-publisher. I live in Cairo, Egypt. I have two Bachelor degrees; the first is B.Sc. in Mechanical Power Engineering, and the second is BA in Islamic Studies. Getting the chance to spend a lifetime learning about science and religion had its impact on my thoughts and perception. Although I worked in the engineering field for over a decade, and my peers and mentors have well recognized my achievements, I have always had a desire in my heart to dedicate most of my time to writing. Becoming a writer has always been my dream. I started writing very early at the age of ten, that was when I had my first article published on my school’s billboard. Ever since that day, I never stopped writing. On my blogs, you can read poetry, prose, intellectual articles, historical narratives, spiritual and religious commentary, etc. I have written and self-published three books. The first was an academic religious book. The second was a fiction novel. The third is a poetry and rhymed prose book. Your interaction and feedback are always appreciated.​


Hello and welcome to the forums, Ehab. All that sounds intriguing and I'd love to read some of your work. I don't think you can post links yet but can you throw me the name of your blog? :) You need 10 posts to post your work in the Workshop area.