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Greetings and a question. (1 Viewer)

Hi, I'm l'etranger and I'm an alcoholic.


Seriously, though. Hello. Quick question: where on this forum would it be most appropriate to discuss philosophy and/or philosophical writing?


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Hello there and welcome to Writing Forums, l'etranger :)

I would say the best place to discuss those topics would be in the Lounge.

~ Shinn


Hiya, try the Nonfiction forum for philosophical writing, perhaps.

The Lounge for philosophizing.

The Debate section for arguing philosophically (or any other way).

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Dr. Malone

Hey man, I'll try to find whatever you post on philophy and shoot the shit with you. My shrink tells me I'm a existilist/nihilist. If you are learned on philosophy, I'd love to shoot some passages from my novella past you. Oh, and I AM an alchohol. And a drug addict. Meetings suck and are filled with cigarette smoke. Nice meeting you!