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Green Rider by Kristen Britain (1 Viewer)



YUp, a pretty awesome book for a newbie!

This book is about a young girl who runs away to join her merchant father. But on her way to the city, a man clad in green bounded out of the bushes with his chesnut steed. I wouldn't have startled the poor girl as much without the fact that he had two black feathered arrows protruding from hsi back.

He collasped to the ground and begged her to deliver the messagfe. She takes her vow and promises to do so.

On her way, many dangers come across her path. Mercenaries, hungetrs, monsters and magic all follow her in her wake. Even a couple of ghost follow this lass around.

If you want an enthralling book that keeps you turning pages, I suggest you check this book out. It is a part of a 3 book series. The 2nd book is "the first riders call" and the 3rd book has yet to come out.

hope you like it!


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i found it on amazon...but i remembered i'm going to florida next week so i might see it there.

Doesn't seem to be available in England, but it might be because she's relatively new...



probably..i assure you it is a fantastic book. As well as the second one.

*drool* can't wait for the 3rd boook...


Hey! I didn't know there was a second and third book. Thanks for letting me know!