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GREATest screenwriting class [LA] (1 Viewer)


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if you're in the area, and serious about writing for movies, sign up quick!

Christopher Lockhart will be teaching his INSIDE HOLLYWOOD SCREENWRITING class this summer at Los Angeles Valley College.

The class offers a writing perspective from the other side - the executive's point-of-view. Chris reads and develops material and works with both the seller and buyer. His class will offer current insights on the craft and business of Hollywood screenwriting. It will include guest speakers and a reading list of hot spec sales. It's a rare opportunity to share your story ideas and develop them with someone who actually works in the industry.

The class will meet SIX Saturdays in a row from 10AM to 1PM. The sessions are:

JUNE 17, 24
JULY 1, 8, 15, 22

Tuition for the class is $92.00.

Registration begins on April 17th at 8AM. The phone number is 818 947-2577 ext. 4172.

Student enrollment is limited, and the class fills up quickly.

This class is NOT a college course and is open to the public.



Visit http.//twoadverbs.blogspot.com/ to read THE INSIDE PITCH, Chris' new blog.



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