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Greatest Living Author (1 Viewer)


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Eiji Tunsinagi said:
Phillip K Dick, because he tells the story without any kind of fluff - all substance, barely any style - though style can be fun...

He did it even better before he died.


I would have to say that few living authors compare to J.M. Coetzee.

I have read a large portion of his work and have to say that the range of emotion and experience the books encompass, when added up, is considerable. In fact, few since Proust have come as close to providing such a complete portrait of the plight of humankind.

Another great thing about going through all of his books is to realize just how much he has changed and evolved over time. Some of his early work (like Waiting for the Barbarians, for example) is very raw, and very original. When you look at his later work, the unique style is certainly still there, yet the way he expresses his ideas is much more fluid.

Some of his most recent work displays an economy of line that is simply unheard of these days. It is the type of writing that requires an unspeakable talent.

The novel, "Disgrace" which was published only about 4 or five years ago is pure Genius. I recommend that anyone who has not read any of his work start with this book or "The Life and Times of Michael K."

I also failed to mention that he is a South African born writer who was apparently deeply affected by the conditions that existed during his formative years there (who wouldn't be), so as a result, much of his work deals with intense and manifold conflict.