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Talking of Freefall (the one I mentioned earlier), did I mention that I was given the honour of a cameo guest appearance in Monday's comic? :D

Mark, the author of Freefall, is going through a long list of members of his forum, giving cameos to them, and my turn came up this week.

Yep... Spudley is now a comic-strip character! How good is that? (albeit only in one panel, and not actually doing anything important ;) )

Ilan Bouchard

Spud, has it come out yet? I didn't see your mention in the strip.


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zaoshang said:
Whoa, congratulations :) how does that make you feel like?

Kinda two-dimensional.... :p

No seriously, it's really great :) I'm just one out of a whole bunch of folk who've got a cameo, but it does feel good. (Thanks Mark! :D )


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I must be a moron, but I don't see how being scetched in one scene, in the background, with no reference, in a huge series of comics would affect you...?
The only two I regularly read are White Ninja, as already linked and:


which though a bit "American" for my tastes (I don't really do the whole anime schtick) is still one of the most engaging, witty and downright inventive webcomics I've ever read. If you manage to read past the ropier early material you'll be hooked for life.