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Colour Me Grae

Has anyone read Solitary Places, by Joan Vannorsdall Schroeder? I can honestly say this is one of my favourite books, and I'm currently reading it for the sixth time.

Colour Me Grae

I'm going to be lazy and write what it says from the back of the book.

"There are things we keep and things we throw away, things that have outlived their usefulness and things that have simply been forgotten. In a small Virginia town, people are finding out what happens when things are discarded-and how those choices are made.

Hunter McComb has sold away a piece of land-and now the garbage dump that's been built on it is tearing his community apart. His wife, Sarah Rose, wonders whether opposing the dump will mean throwing away their marriage. And Reba Walker, outraged at the tainted air and scattered debris that are destroying her town, is unwilling to cast her principles aside-even if it means making enemies.

Because some things can't be thrown away."

I found this treasure in a thrift store for some odd change. :thumbr: