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Great Article on Author Websites! (1 Viewer)


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Okay, I'm working on publishing my 1st book, do I need an author's website? As for my computer skill...once i get past the ON/OFF button I get lost easily.


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I'd say the answer is YES if you are planning to sell many copies and/or planning to write more books. Having a website helps in lots of ways, including the ability to host an email list so you can connect directly with fans and let them know when your future books come out. Like you, I was not tech/computer savvy. But I managed to build an author website (on my 2nd one now) thanks to a simple video that I watched on YouTube. If you go to YouTube, search for a video by Joanna Penn called something like how to build an author website in 30 minutes. I think she has now added a part 2 and 3 for advanced folks. But all I did for my first author website was watch her original video (now called part 1) and take notes. If I can do it, anyone can! Good luck.

Ralph Rotten

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If you are planning on writing seriously then you will eventually need a site.

I would have been a lot more impressed by this article had they at least replaced the default graphic. :)
Good article otherwise, good material for someone who has never built a site before.

I gotta rebuild my site. I have a web builder who was supposed to tweak it for me, not sure when that was going to happen. My site is still a bit messy: www.rottenapplepublishing.com