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Grand Fiction Challenge 2020 Guess-the-author (1 Viewer)

Harper J. Cole

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Back by popular demand, the author-guessing thread for this month's challenge. Take a read through the entries, and see if you can recognise the style of your peers...

The People's Choice voting thread, where you can vote for your favourite, will follow soon.
Ok, I have some guesses!

Off Script - Mish
Torah - epimetheus
The Mildest Glancing Blow - The Carcosan Herald
Out of Time - SueC
Last March of King Charles - Tettsuo
Sunsets Over Red Skies - rcallaci
Sky Burial - EternalGreen
Earnest - Terra
Goodbye - Smith


Hmm...I have fewer guesses than I thought I'd have.

Torah - epimetheus
Stormbringer - ArrowInTheBowOfTheLord
Sky Burial - bdcharles or maybe undead_av
Valley of Decision - BornForBurning
Earnest - maybe undead_av (maybe undead_av wrote everything. It's a conspiracy!)

Olly Buckle

Off Script struck me as an American with a strong local dialect, I am not conversant enough with American accents to say where, but the phrasing and occasional mis-spelling, I could practically hear them.


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The definitive list:

Off Script - Taylor
The Mildest Glancing Blow - Luckyscars
Torah - rcallaci
Out of Time - ibb
Things Will Never Be The Same - Smith
What Goes Around - ArrowintheBowoftheLord
The Valley of Decision or How Mars Came to Be - bornforburning
Last March of King Charles - Cyberwar
Sunsets over Red Skies - Tiamat
Sky Burial - bdcharles
Earnest - sue
Goodbye - undead_av


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OK, guys, here's the actual actual list:

Off Script - Matchu
The Mildest Glancing Blow - BornforBurning
Torah - ArrowInTheBowOfTheLord
Out of Time - undead_av
Things Will Never Be The Same - Tettsuo
What Goes Around - -xXx-
The Valley of Decision or How Mars Came to Be - Foxee
Last March of King Charles - Cyberwar
Sunsets over Red Skies - rcallaci
Sky Burial - EternalGreen
Earnest - SueC
Goodbye - Tim


apologies for everyone I couldn't put an entry to.


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My one and a half sixpence:

Off Script - Olly Buckle
Torah - ArrowInTheBowOfTheLord
What Goes Around - bdcharles
Sunsets over Red Skies - BornforBurning
Earnest - SueC

Thus spoke the eye in the sky... all shall obey!


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The Last March of King Charles - CyberWar
Sunsets Over Red Skies - rcallaci
Sky Burial - EternalGreen
Torah - Epimetheus


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I must be quite the amnesiac. I don’t seem to recall writing or submitting a story for this month’s prompt.

While I would be happy to take credit for the entry, I object to anyone thinking I would use the word “skedaddled.”


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The Last March of King Charles----cyberwar
sky burial---undead_av