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April 1, 2018. The annual meeting of the Society for the Advancement of English Grammar (SAEG) was held this past week in San Diego.

A bizarre motion from the floor provided the most interesting moment. It was proposed that (1) adverbs modifying the verb should be placed next to the verb, while (2) adverbs modifying a clause should be placed before the clause. This would have outlawed:

Quickly she walked to the store.

To be grammatically correct, that sentence would have had to be rewritten as

She quickly walked to the store.​

The proposal would also have outlawed:

Marina was meanwhile planning their wedding.​

That would have had to be rewritten as

Meanwhile Marina was planning their wedding.​

The vote was 97-1 against. The author of the proposal, Emma Sohan, had to be escorted from the meeting for her own safety.

I afterwards found Ms. Sohan in the hotel bar. Drunkenly she explained, "I just thought it would, you know, make things clearer. To put adverbs by what they modify? I didn't know everyone would get so upset."

I later pointed out to the president of the SAEG, Lauren Chen, that Ms. Sohan was not even a member. Angrily she responded, "We'll improve security for the next meeting, and I'll inform the secretary so that accurately the minutes can show a unanimous vote."

In other news, the unnecessary use of "like" and "you know" was confirmed to be ungrammatical, as was putting question marks after statements. These votes sounded the death knell for legalization of the Valley Girl patois. The use of a comma before the word because was made permissible, to align with modern usage, and the issue of representing a dramatic pause was referred back to committee.


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a fascinating subject that i have very little interest in.....still would have liked to been there


But you had to decide, and I think you followed the proposed rule. I suspect intuition works better than any rule would.

Perhaps I should mention that Sam's advice about the news from last year's convention still applies.


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could the whole thing be a subjective topic...is there really a unified set of rules for here there an everywhere...


I am just beginning to learn English and it is difficult for me to understand all the rules of grammar and speech, but I am not a beginner either. I admit that it seems a difficult language but I am a fighting person and I want to have beautiful results. At first I used transition words worksheets and other worksheets with unknown words to increase my vocabulary. That's how I started to gradually get results and I hope to get to know English perfectly. I admit that Grammarly is currently helping me write this text ...
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That was funny.

For my Trinity House TEFL presentation I attempted to disrupt the 'big, fat, smelly, lazy dog' convention that is innate to the first language types/heroes. Nobody understood what I was talking about, and by midway nor did I really.

Scraped my pass into the hell-pits of ELT [shudder].