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Got My Anthology (for Deep Woman) (1 Viewer)

Pamelyn Casto

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I won a state poetry contest about four or five months ago. The cash prize was modest and nice. Now, four or five months later, I received my free copy of the anthology that includes the winning poems for that competition. Getting that anthology in the mail yesterday gave my spirit such a lift. I quickly opened it up, found my poem, and re-read it. Then I smiled most of the rest of the day. Poetry can be so good for the spirit—good for the spirits of readers and for the spirit of the poet who wrote the poem. It’s so nice when someone else can show they like our work too. Hard-copy print is an especially nice way to get the information.


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Fabulous! I am so happy for you, and I agree, it feels nice to have a little recognition, poetry is such an intimate art form, so any praise or recognition feels personal, as well it should ;)