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Good Period Romance Authors (1 Viewer)



Just looking for names of some good authors that write medieval romance novels.



Senior Member
Do you mean those paperback romance novels that...er, people like to read on vacations?
Or the actual historical novels that center on romance but have much more "substance?"

Sorry, but I don't know a better way to phrase the questions without offending anyone.

invisible ink

My favorite period romance writer is Georgette Heyer. She doesn't have any sex scenes or anything if thats what you were looking for, but all her books are very romantic, and very entertaining!


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Porno for prisses or Jane Austen?
Haha... very funny.
Anyways, I'm sure you've heard of Philippa Gregory. She wrote the very famous books centering around the Tudor family. Her most renowned work was probably 'The Other Boleyn Girl.' But these are more heavy-substance works of literature with romance weaved in rather than, say, an easy sex-filled read.
Though there is sex.