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Good Morning My Love (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
---Good Morning My Love---

Quiet rise on silent highs
I spent the night with you
I loved you there
Above your prayer
In ether fit with you

I love you with your hidden eyes
I love you as they stare
And in the darkness I recall
The darkest things we share

All these mistakes
True love, it breaks
All hate for heaven's sake

And then remember
Where in that cold the hate surrender

In hateful love too much we hate to love as such

In the morning when I think of you
I remember everything
I feel that love for all of you
and then it starts to sink
I spend the day alone
And sometimes I want it out
The feelings that we share between
Of love and big mistakes

If there was never one of you
In any of my days
But passing time still spoke the rhyme
to brings us back into
This long embrace after the race
I'd let it be for you
My love, Good Morning, all my love
I love this love to you


Poetry Mentor
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Senior Mentor
Welcome to the Poets' Showcase ;)... I love the gentle vibe in the first 4 stanzas, you have created a soft, dreamy mood... then, for me, in the following stanzas, the poem becomes less cohesive, actually feels like 2 separate poems .... but having said that, your poem is unique and I love the dark vibe that sneaks in... thank you for sharing!