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Good Morning & Hello (1 Viewer)


Layde Rae

Good Mornining Everyone!

I am new to your forum. First day jitters so to speak. Im a 40yr old Wife, Mom of 4, Registered Nurse, with a penchant for writing young adult fantasy fiction. Okay, perhpas penchant isn't quite the right word... a dream is more what it has been, I have always wanted to write, and now that life is seeming to settle down I am getting to it for the first time. I am a new writer so to speak, never had classes, except those in college where my professors asked me why I chosed to be a nurse instead of persuing writing. So I have tons of legality type questions, inspriation and ideas pour out of me, its the technical bit really that I dont understand, so if there is a forum for that kinda of thing is where you will probably find me like a babe in the woods..lol
Thanks so much, I look forward to getting to know some of you.

God Speed/Bright Blessings


Senior Member

Good morning and welcome!
I feel your pain! Also a first time writer and I have tons of questions (but many of them are already answered as I found out) as well. I'm new here as well and already I think I spend more time on here than doing my day job! Shhh... don't let my boss know!:-#


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welcome, rae!... btw, my mom was a mom of 4 and an RN, too... i'm a mom of 7 and had to become an unofficial 'doctor' of sorts just to get through all the childhood ailments/accidents...

anyway... you'll see there are sections here that cover the various business aspects of writing as well as the technical ones, but if i can be of any help with questions you need answered quickly, or whatever, just drop me an email any time... i'm online from 6am to 8-ish pm, so i get back to folks in minutes, unless the mail comes in overnight...

i love your avatar!... where'd you find it?

best of luck to you in pursuing your dream and making it come true!

love and hugs, maia
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Layde Rae

My Avatar

I think it was either at avatarity or iconator.com.. one of those two....

Love Fairies...

this just stuck out..lol

thanks for the welcome.