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Good Morning, Friends (1 Viewer)


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Long time, no speak.

Figure I posted, so I should at least give a moment of feedback to snapshot my life.

In 3 days in April I lost my fiancee, my 2 dogs, my house, and my job. I was provided opportunity within a week or so that was in excess of my dreams, and chose the least of these. Discovered I have a son through that, who is turning 3 in December. I've left the business world to pursue a position in ministry, and I'm presently at Kingswood University now - pursuing my second degree, hoping that my first will be used as a strength, and not just tossed away.

Lots of love to all you old-timers, hope this finds you well. To anyone who hasn't met me as yet, I encourage you to use this space as a foundation; the people are incredible, the knowledge unfathomable, and making this a core of your person will leave you a space to be home when you've no other road by which to return to that which once was.



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Hi Elves, good to hear from you! I am so sorry to hear of you loss and yet you turned it around and chose another path in life. My philosophy is that as one door closes other opens. Yours the ministry. We look for opportunities not disappointments.

Are you still writing?