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Good morning and well greetings! (1 Viewer)

Good morning everyone!

My (not) name is Allen Riddle. I just recently chose said name as my pen name, from what I've come to understand choosing a pen name is acceptable, and I just finished my first edit for a book that I am working on and am looking for help and assistance in navigating the world of publishing, editing, and such. I hope to get to know you all soon, and happy days friends!

Very respectfully,

Allen Riddle


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welcome to WF, allen riddle!

there are several forumites that may be of interest to you,
as well as some challenges that may be helpful toward
developing/practicing/switching gears/etc along the way.

new members are encouraged to read, consider, comment/discuss.
a little exploration and orientation to help settle in.

based on one of your posts,
this may be of interest.
still have a few weeks....



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Welcome to Fantasy Island!

Wait, huh? This isn't Fantasy Island? Then where the hell am I?? And who's the guy who looks like Mr. Roarke and keeps offering me tea?

While I ponder this conundrum, you have stumbled on/zeroed in on/happened upon, a wonderful forum and I hope you enjoy your time with us :)