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I have a few short stories that im looking to try and get published in magazines. They are mostly Sci-fi and fantasy. So does anyone know any Sci-Fi magazines that i could send them to. And no ezines, for somereason i just don't like them. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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Got a local library, or buy a used copy of the 2004 Writer's Market off Ebay. They list all kinds of publications. You might wish to try querying the editor of Zoetrope.

Here's their submission page. http://www.all-story.com/submissions.cgi

Here's one for a magazine called Fantasy & Science Fiction. This is their submission page:

Here is one for Asimov's:

You could do a Google search for Science Fiction Magazines, and may find several. Always watch for their "Submissions" link or "Writer's Guidelines" and follow their instructions. If you have question pop back into the forums here and someone should be able to answer it. I don't write science fiction or fantasy, so I can't vouch for these publications. I've never worked with them. Browse their sites, read their guidelines, and then jump off the deep end.