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Hello fellow writers, my name is Dagzar and I'm new to these forums... Well, maybe not new per say, I was a lurker for a couple of weeks now. I'm not sure how I should go about introducing myself, but I'll just put down some random and conveniently non revealing information.

How I got into writing: I never really thought about writing something that was actually worth anything for a long time now, the only writing I really did was in school. Due to my summer boredom (my friends were all away on vacation or doing some of their odd little habits I'd rather ignore), I decided to start writing some fanfiction. And liked it. I actually liked writing it.

That sealed my fate.

What I'd like to improve on: In my writing, I've noticed that my descriptions of the setting in my fanfiction were rather.... bland. I want to improve that.

... Why are you still reading this? Go read something worth your time, go, shoo, be free!

I hope to have a good time here, have a good day!

- Dagzar

Jay Kay

hi and welcome dagzar from my closet ... jeez i've looked into it so many times and never noticed you ... you must be really tiny ...