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Good evening ladies and gentlemen. (1 Viewer)



It says up there to introduce yourself as the first thing to do here. So here we go then.

How did I come across Writer's Forum..?
St Google found it for me. St Google is the best thing since sliced bread.

Why did I come across Writer's Forum..?
Hmm, I have three books in progress and all stalled ages ago. I want to restart having a look at them. Not entirely sure how I'm gonna do this as I have a busy job and social circle. I like forums and talking to like minded people. Well, I like talking to people.

Who am I...?
I'm Nim (that's my actual regular nickname and I'm lucky cos more or less most places on the 'net it's not taken as an ID) :D I'm also 37 years old although I act like a 7 year old (so I'm told). I work as a Uni lecturer, which is half teaching and half comedy acting. I can write when I get my backside in gear, I'm just notoriously lazy and a horrendous procrastinator.

What drives my day..?
I do. I get out of bed and go to work because I can, not because I want to. I'm lucky. But in that way, I'm also lucky that my employers take advantage of it. I do bend over backwards for them and now it's become an expectation. Ah well... when it becomes tedious, I'll leave.

Favourite word of the day...?
Hmm, no favourite today. I've been lazily surfing the BBC 'have your say' forum all day.

Question for you (the reader): Are you really happy and what makes you so...?

Me. Yep. Life makes me so.