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Good day to you all (1 Viewer)




My username, as you can see, is 'Reevo' but my given name is Michael. I am happy for anyone to use either.

I am close to my 49th birthday and I have decided that it is time to actually do what I have been threatening to do for some time and that is to write.

I currently have two stories on the go. The first is my novel, which will be a thriller with humour (I hope) and the second is a short children's story about an imaginary creature that I have made up.

I have shown both of these to one or two people and they loved them, but I understand that this does not make me a novelist or even a writer. It does however give me motivation and confidence to go on.

I have no idea how much I will use this forum, but it is a place to start and I look forward to interacting with my fellow forum members.

Thank you for reading this if you have.

Good luck to all aspiring writers.

Michael - aka reevo