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I need to find a good book because I love to read and i'm running out of good book to read. I'm in to fantasys like vampires, werewolfs. I read twilight, new moon, blood and chocolate, vampires kisses, Companions of the Night, The Silver Kiss. them are just some of them. can you tell me some please


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Ooh, there's a film of Blood and Chocolate coming out soon.
How about "The Historian?" That's Dracula.


The film Blood and Chocolate is the most horrible thing I have ever seen. The special effects are terrible, and the plot has just literally been picked up, stabbed, ripped and burned. The only semblence to the book is their names and the fact they are werewolves. Aiden suddenly has a passion for drawing (which his dad doesn't like and would want him to excel fighting and defense, so Aiden runs away and publishes graphic novels, or 'comics', under initials so his dad can't find him. Otherwise his dad will kill him, apparently) and Vivian is a moody depressed cow. Her dad and MUM die in the fire, and she has to join Gabriel's pack. Rafe is her cousin, Gabriel is his dad and Astrid is his mum, so that makes Astrid her aunt and Gabriel Vivians uncle, yes? Well, Gabriel now wants Vivian for a mate, which would make the whole concept disgusting.
I could rant all day about this, there's so much much more wrong about it (but if I went into all of it, I would spoil the oh-so-great film for those who haven't seen it), and that previous paragraph was just a taster. I cannot believe how much they screwed up with that movie, and those that have only seen the movie and not the book do like it. Which is fair enough - the main reason I HATE it is because they haven't followed the plot or done Annette Kurtis Clause any justice whatsoever.

But anwyay, The Silver Kiss is a good read, I also adored 'Interview With a Vampire' by Anne Rice, and 'Laszlo, The Secret Life of Count Dracula' (or something to that effect) by an author I've forgotten. I've read Bitten by Kelley Armstrong (werewolf fiction), which is also quite good (as I didn't expect it to be) but what about the original Dracula by Bram Stoker?
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