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Good Article on how to find Speaking Gigs (1 Viewer)


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Here’s a good article on findingpaid and non-paid speaking opportunities!


For what it's worth, I've had decent luck finding NON-PAID speaking gigs this year (did 7 already and have 5 more booked for the remainder of the year). Those speeches help my sales locally (not just back of the room sales, but also my online sales seem to do better when I'm actively giving speeches). For example, most of my speeches are related to my self-publishing guide and I tend to sell more of those books online in my local area/state than I do elsewhere. I have given some speeches based on my other book (about college teaching tips), but more of my online sales for that book are out-of-state. So the conclusion I'm drawing is that my speeches are helping my online sales in the local region... but perhaps there are other factors that I'm not considering.
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