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Glade and a Half (1 Viewer)


WF Veterans
Glade and a Half

Glade and a half
completely out of context
a jingle lost to time

Plug it in, pull it out

Why say it, when it doesn’t matter…
Still the words form, weirdo chatter

The thinking behind it
I know isn’t right
so why do I speak them
these words and humour
no one but Bones could fathom

A difficult concept, Mr Spock observed

Difficult, different, damage or deranged—

or maybe, just a far of maybe


perceptions of patterns
in the chaotic world

letters in the concise order
learned so long ago

and eyes that see and…
a mouth that runs
says…no that’s wrong

finds the break in the pattern(s)
like directions on shampoo
lather, rinse, repeat…

normal doesn't work this way


WF Veterans
can help thinking of the old Cadbury's ad – glass and a half in every block! I enjoyed it, thanks for the read as always.