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Girl name: young, then as a petulant teenager. (1 Viewer)


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In my second project (first time I've tried concurrent development) I have a young girl - she's a sort of ghost in the machine, innocent looking with spooky glowing eyes. At the very end of the story she will morph into a petulant teenage girl.

I'm looking for a name that sounds sweet for a little girl (like 'Sally' or 'Suzy'), and will have a secondary form I can use for the less-sweet teenage version of herself ('Sal', or 'Suz' ?).



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Stick with Sally and move to Suzanne, it has a nice hard petulance to it...(All of the Sues and Susans I know are very nice people. Oddly enough it is the same with the Karens, as well.)


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Winnie - Winter
Edie - Eden
Jeannie - Jeanne - Gene
Jen - Imogen

OOOO - I like Winnie - Winter. That works. She's a specter that only MC can see. When he first encounters her she's like a seven year old girl - blonde hair, pink dress (think Shirley Temple), but her eyes glow. Later after the antagonist fails the kill her, she'll show up (on the last page) as a teenage goth chick, black dyed hair, dark makeup... her eyes will still glow (maybe a different color). The last line in the story is her looking at the MC, giving a nod, and saying, "Sup?"