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Ghosts (1 Viewer)


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I'm a sucker for ghost stories. I even get chill bumps the first time a ghost hits the screen. Sometimes even in books.

So I set the new CBS series "Ghosts" as a series to record. Our British friends may have seen the series it was adapted from, which started on the BBC two years ago. I hope it's as good as this version. I haven't laughed as hard at a TV show in 20 or more years.

Do you ever do the thing when you're watching TV where you look at the other person in the room to see if they liked a line or a scene as much as you just did? Betty and I were doing that every two minutes. We may have to watch the pilot episode again just to see whatever action we might have missed in the "looking at each other" moments.

Clever and excellent. You'll wish you wrote it. LOL

Ralph Rotten

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Media Manager
It is nice to see a show, or read a story, that makes you realize that you need to up your game...or inspires you to write better.
Game of Throwns did that to me practically every episode.
The writer actually made me like characters who I initially despised...people who were absolute scum...yet two seasons later they were my favs.
Now that is good character development.