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Get to Gno-me (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
It started with one
A Gnome!
with flowers and ribbons
bows and glitter
hearts and kisses
arms and legs
others had none

Beards all sizes
Colors of white,
orange, blond,
and grey
Some even had crinkles

One is not enough
at least three more
Paying it forward
Pick up tomorrow
Heart started racing
A need for more
the next quest for sure
Proud owner of all

One by one
placed on the shelf
Each one to be given
to loved ones
and to those
who stepped up
during one's grief

Heart and soul full
chest in vibration
matching each
Gnome to a person
a great sensation!

The last Gnome
gifted to oneself
and the memory
created for
The get to Gno-me kind
of Christmas this year!