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George W Remains in Office

After three gruesome debates, a billion dollars for his campaign, and a very close race for Presidency, George W. Bush was re-elected into one of the most prestigious offices in the United States: President of the USA. Winning by a mere three million votes, President Bush took office for yet another four years with a lot to prove to the American people. But how did President Bush win yet another close victory?

I think the answer is simple- President Bush is a very simple man who any average person can relate to. His speech is the same thing- simple words and short answers which are understandable by a chimpanzee. The fact that George W. Bush can't properly use and manipulate the English language may be one of the smartest political ploys in the history of the United States, helping the lowest common denominator to identify with him.

Not many people would agree with the way the President had applied himself after the September 11th attacks, but many people had no clue what a new President would contribute to the political conflicts that the United States is involved in.

So now the question remains why Kerry lost the election. What did he lack? He didn’t lack courage, because that was shown through his service in Vietnam. Certainly not will, because he showed that in Iowa. And he proved that he was more intelligent than Bush in the debates, so what was the reason that he lost?

John Kerry was not simple, like President Bush who had one message to send across, while John Kerry, on the other side of the spectrum, had a dozen points to get across. Bush ended too short without explaining himself; Kerry went on and on, until everyone forgot what he was talking about.

That’s how Bush is still President today. He connected with the average common people, which is no problem, but didn’t convince intellectuals in the country.

On Election Night of 2004, it started off with President Bush claiming more states than the senator from Massachusetts. Soon enough, it came down to four states. By mid-afternoon, Senator Kerry sent a team of lawyers to Ohio to see if the votes were being counted correctly and access his chances of victory there. When they reported back to him that things were being done correctly and that there was no possible way that he could win, he seceded from the race, giving Bush yet another victory.

Of course, all the democrats in the United States are disappointed in Kerry’s decision, but it took an added weight off of the senator and his wife.

I’m sure that most democrats will also hope that the President won’t make any mistakes in his second term and hopefully he’ll make the right choices and restore America’s place in the world.

Good luck Bush.

I hope that you guys enjoy. I don't need any bashing because you don't see it my way.. I can stand other's opinions about the Presidental Election, but I cannot stand people who tell me how to think about it.. consider the words wisely...

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