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What genre are you writing in? It would be interesting to know which genre would come in first in a list of everyone doing this. My guess would be fantasy. Mine is mystery. Anyone? Faergen


On the Nano site, they have it listed.

1. Fantasy-Word Count-35588369
2. Other-Word Count-29320634
3. Literary Fiction-Word Count-23911911
4. Science Fiction-Word Count-14447119

At first, mine started being Other, but I now believe it would be more Fantasy than anything else. It figures--I normally write Fantasy and Horror.
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Literary fiction... Maybe. It has some fantastical elements, but I'm drawing off of mythology and magic is definitely not the focus of it. The focus is my main character and how she goes from being an Achilles-like character to someone a little more humble, more hesistant to kill, and much wiser.

There's also a lot of stuff dealing with their gods and the strangely dressed pale men's god.


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Literary fiction is supposedly "genre-less" fiction, although it really is its own genre (pretentious writers like to differentiate between literary and genre fiction). Basically, literary fiction focuses on characters and their development over the plot.

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Other, 'cause this little something fits nowhere except for my wandering mind. There's this fantasy thing going on, with the alternative history and whatnot, and the absence of the human race...We're boring, that's all.


I like to write in suspence and horror. I like things that leave you hanging on by a thread where you can't put the book down. If if dosen't do that i can't concentrate on the story.