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Hey everyone, my name is Frank. I am an 'inactive' writer who has decided to get back into writing. I used to write a lot, and throughout highschool (and now college) was commended often for my "talent" (If that's what one would call it). I guess I've decided to write because- well, it's in my blood. It's something that comes naturally to me, and I have several published authors in my family history- well known if you lived in France or Australia 100 years ago :???:. But basically, I'm struggling to pay for college- I have a lot of student loans, and everyone keeps saying how I could write a book and get published. While that's a way off- I figure I might get back into writing for the fun of it, and see where it takes me. I figure if JK Rowling can publish a book- well any of us can. So here begins my journey, you'll probably see me around. Nice to meet all of you!



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"Inactive" writer, you sound like a robot and you can just switch states of being active or not.

Anyhow, welcome to the forums.