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Gene Wolfe-The book of the new sun...(very good book) (1 Viewer)

I just wanted to say, that The book of the new sun quad is a great set of books. They are written by Gene Wolfe, and unlike most books nowadays require intellegence. It is a vey dark, deep book(s) that show genius on every page.

Check it out on google or something

Just thought I would let the world experience some great writing...

Mike C

WF Veterans
Outstanding books, far deeper and more original than 90% of fantasy, and therefore overlooked by the sword 'n' sorcery brigade. Real literary fiction that just happens to be set in a fantasy/distant future earth setting. Definitely in my top 10.
I agree 100% Mike. Thank you for the reply to let people know I am not the only one.
Hey Mike, it seems like you know what you are talking about (considering this, and the reply to my question Issues of today that will greatly impact tomorrow) so I was wondering if you could recommend any other books. I am having a hard time finding some "really good" books. Not just time consuming ones, but the books that really matter.

Thank you for your time