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game mechanics are real life mechanics???? (1 Viewer)


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serious question. has anyone experienced this as someon who looked like one sex their whole life and then flapped the script to look like the opposite sex or nonbinary. they say the way you perceive that you look change not just your personality but your actual abilities irl. it's called inclothed cognition. it's the literal scientific theory that a lab coat gives you +1 inelegance. I think after one week of wearing just wearing lipstick eye shadow and mascara I had a slight but strong effect on a small stat that dnd player would know well. my wisdom and maybe my charisma.
I swear I used t not get what people were up two till way later but now I just get it right away. I know if just a slight change effected me that much i wonder what taking on my two favorite looks will do. "girly girl" and "girly tomboy." I know my mind and I feel like this effect will hit me like a ton of bricks. I can't wait to see. especialy if I get any surgeries. any thoughts.. so epic.. squeeee!!!!