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The silver lining turns to ash.

In my childhood
I remember the bells
around the neck of a cat
and the window that separated me
from it.

And I wanted nothing more.

Then when my soul had matured
there was a girl.
I remember the blue ribbon in her red hair
the song in her voice
and the fear that kept me
from having her.

And I wanted nothing more.

Later, when I am old and alone
I attended the trial of a serial killer.
At his sentencing he spit on the mother of the murdered
and there was nothing separating me
from him.

And I wanted nothing more.

The scars were like scales on his neck
my hands were like clamps on his wind pipe
the life escaping from his pale face
his clawing fingers scratching at my hands

And I wanted nothing more.

guards as they pulled me off
a gun I stole from the belt
bullets that tore through the room
a killer that was saved
from me.

As the silver lining turned to ash.


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Wow !!!You packed a whole novel in a few action packed lines---I am impressed! You went from innocence to murder ...So intrigued am I. If this were a prologue to a book---I would be spending my money for this one! Very clever of you to end this poem with the opening line...Peace...Jul