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From out of the high desert ... (1 Viewer)

... I shamble into this cool room and wait for my eyes to dilate.
I like the WYSIWIG editor. I don't dress my text for every holiday, but it's nice to have the tools when you want them.
I like the adult outlook on profanity. Use of profanity is a technique like any other, a skill to be mastered. Use, don't abuse.
I would like to read some posts, now. I would like to find more stuff to like.

Good morning;

Drugs? Nothing that adds unicorn horns or gryphon claws to my skeleton.

Sorry, Triquediqual. I don't have anything novel for you.

Perhaps I should have capitalized "high desert", my home region in the American Southwest. I expect you will visit one day. A newspaper article from Palm Springs commented that Northern Europeans cannot get enough of the heat in Palm Springs.

You'll be welcome.



Senior Member
You sound silly.

Honestly, better ways to be out of your mind.

Doting over yourself, 18th century.
Good morning;

Sorry, I drowsed over the keyboard.

Baron, thank you for the welcome.

And Voo -- de gustibus, non disputandum. Read the Guidelines and critique technical issues. The tone or style of a piece may seem inappropriate -- and perhaps the writer is only experimenting or even being playful. Words like "silly" are often unconscious shorthand for "I don't get it".

And Monty Python made a much-loved world out of "silly". You, Voo?



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No, I'm quite sure narrating your actions over an introductory post is silly.

Nothing wrong with being eccentric- do it right.

ads. Can I call you ads?
Good morning, Nickie;

Your list of interviewees is amazing. There's a book in there somewhere -- Slice of Life with Interviews, or something.

So far, I've read only your Crais interview. But anything you took away from an interview for yourself is your story. If you interviewed Crais and tried a Creole recipe or a nature walk, there's nice extension to the flow of events.

Don't mind me though -- I'm still trying to channel the late C.S. Forester. You'd have to think twice about the input of a man who chases the ghosts of writers.

My thanks to you.