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I wrote a one act play that you can read at and the artistic director of a local theatre company has expressed interest in producing it as a full length play. The problem isn't a full length play.

I think it's a pretty nicely structured One Act and I'm not really sure where to go from there. Do you think its possible to take a One Act and go full length? What are you curious about? What would you really not like to see explored? It's really dialogue intensive and do you think its too much to try to keep up that pace for a full length play? Can you have a long two person scene like that and incorporate other significant characters? I'd like to end upp with a six character dynamic like the sitcom "Friends" you know? Where everyone knows its about Ross and Rachel but you are allowed to get really involved Chandler, Pheobe, Joey and Monica.

I'm not a writer (this is the only non-school writing I've done, I have an acting background) so I'm excited to hear more writerly perspectives, thanks in advance :)


I really like the play thus far. Kind of reminds me of one I acted in back in high-school, although the name of it won't some to my head for the life of me.

No thoughts on a possible next act popped into my head off-hand unfortunately.

Perhaps an act in the highschool, counsellors office handing in admission forms to the college reps when they come to the school, something that allows for the introduction of additional characters into the scene when one of the primaries is pulled into an interview with the college rep.

That's about all that I can think of at this hour. I'll sleep on it and see if my thoughts are jarred any further.

Great so far though!