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Friendship (2 Viewers)


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Something happened between us that day.

We met on a smile, said Hey and replied hello.

I know we all have something deep within our pasts

that lies heavy in us like a stone, hard to plunge,

tumble over, and identify what’s deep inside us.

This mountain cannot be moved

But you smiled at me, and you said Hey,

like we had something in common to share.

This visual sadness of that heavy stone

or heavy root once a stone seed

or whatever heavy may be

or the lightness in us turned heavy

and then light again through the sound of that soft echo.

I was angry that day for whatever reason

not a people person, an emotion took over me.

Something I wish I did not have to own.

Something still hard to feel is my own.


But you said hey,

and I walked inside your mountain for a moment.

I felt the heaviness in your heart

and I reflected on it and thought of my own heaviness.

I smiled and greeted you kindly.

I hope from here on out

Only friendship can begin.

I hope.
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That instant, when eyes meet, and your heart beats, faster... and you think "what if, maybe".... but those damn walls are high, yes? So much easier to keep possibilities at arm's length... less chance of having your heart stepped on and rejected.... but... what if?.... Cool poem Shedpog, poignantly penned... so fabulous to read your work again ;)


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I can relate…emotional scenarios in our daily life sometimes become normal, until, the spell is broken. Happily refilled with joy, ‘Hey’