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Freezing During Summer (1 Viewer)


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Hello WritingForums community, please read this as more of a journal entry or guide instead of an essay.

I have had trouble cooling myself in the summer, due to various reasons. The main is, it is more expensive to cool yourself than heat yourself. Yet I have found ways around this. The main would be using a fan instead of an air conditioner, but there are more complex things which can work and make you relax as summers harsh heating grasp comes. I have learned the fastest way of making cold water. It is to simply grab your ice tray, which must be full of ice first, and an empty glass. Next hold the ice tray in between vertically and horizontally, with an incline making it diagonal. This is so when you pour water slowly through the ice tray (not leaving the sink on full blast) and it goes through the ice tray, by the time it reaches the cup, you now have super cold water...... ta-da! There have also been times when I had to, or wanted to go outside while still being cooled. There are many menthol creams available. The cheapest cream is a dollar plus tax, and what I feel is the most expensive, called "Mineral Ice Cream" is around 5. It is very useful to rub some of it on, and youl have a perfect protective cream on you for when you need to walk around. Alternatively carry a fan with you and bring plenty of batteries along.

Apologies about grammatical issues and I hope you had fun reading!

Have any unusual and effective cooling methods? Post them here and discuss!