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Freedom (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
When I was born
They kept me inside those boxes
For the shapes, they wanted me to be like
For the sizes, they wanted me to attain
For the mind, open or closed defined by them
They always wanted me, free to be eligible
But they never found me, eligible to be free

So I broke the box
Had a flight of a nightingale
Never know when the hawks would find me
But I would sing my song of freedom
Freely roaming across the sky
And don't care to die
But before that I would fly, fly and only fly

Ritu Dimri Nautiyal


Staff member
This is profound as well as liberating. This is about being who you are, breaking the chains of conformity, or of people molding you into their image. You broke those chains and fled from the hawks that tried to devour you and became like a nightingale flying to freedom to make your own journey even at the cost of death.

An amazing poem from an amazing writer-