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Free Will (1 Viewer)



Here is my pretentious attempt on giving a twist to an age-old debate. An attempt to say something original in a world where everything has already been said. And to those who have never considered the following; it’s time to start thinking of things that will most likely never make a difference in your life except strengthening your mind.

Are we responsible for our actions? Who is right the libertarians or the determinists some say It’s either one or the other. I say bullshit, both philosophies are right. I agree that what we are, was and is determined. We didn’t have a choice in the matter of our chemical make up before we were born, and yes we don’t have a choice in regards to our individual tolerance thresholds within our minds that are constantly affected by the stimulus we are confronted with throughout life. So therefore we can’t have free will and responsibility right? Wrong; yes, we do have the power to choose even if it’s just chemical reactions and tolerance thresholds within our mind why, because chemical reactions and tolerance thresholds are our minds, they are what defines us as individuals they are us and yes, we are responsible, just like gravity is when something falls. All right, I guess this means that ULTIMATELY there is no free will or responsibility and that ultimately I am a determinist but, I don’t care because I sure do feel like I have free will. Libertarians can’t accept that we are nothing more than our minds instead they choose to believe that we are something mystical. I envy them like I envy religious people and I sure hope that I’m wrong and that we are something mystical and that we have spirits that go on living forever. I guess I’m an Agnostic and a discombobulated mess too or have I realized that religion and responsibility coincide with one another.