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Freak the Mighty by Nathan Rosenbaum (1 Viewer)


Anyone read this? I've actually cried at the end of this book. Here's the wikipedia summary..I picked it up at random at a book fair and it's great. Didn't get to the sequel though.

Kevin dies because of a enlarged heart and his body being so small resulted in his dying. But not before he helps Max escape from his mother's killer, who is his dad.

Kevin opens Max's mind to the world of the imagination using the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. What Kevin lacks in physical strength, he makes up with a brilliant mind. Kevin and Max complement each other and become a perfect match.
Imagining themselves as a knight called "Freak the Mighty", the pair go about rescuing maidens (abused wives), slaying dragons (the local punks) and walking high above the world.
The movie also stars: